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Now Available- PECS Phase III App for iPad® and iPad mini™

Purchase PECS Phase III now through April 30th and take advantage of special pricing in honor of Autism Awareness Month!

Based on research from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the PECS™ protocol details a specific discrimination teaching strategy in Phase III. The PECS Phase III app is an invaluable tool that allows you to implement the teaching of Phase III of PECS™ and offers a novel approach to providing new opportunities for learners to practice discrimination techniques and strategies.

The app, designed to look just like a PECS™ communication book permits a teacher to practice picture discrimination with one or several learners within a single session. Touching the correct icon results in immediate visual and auditory feedback from the device in a manner far quicker than a teacher could react. If the learner touches an incorrect icon, there is no significant feedback. A correct picture selection results in access to a desire item or activity!

For teaching simple discrimination, the learner selects from an array involving the target picture versus a distracter picture. Both options allow you to move the pictures around on the page, between trials and to vary the number of pictures per trial from 2 to 12. A Correspondence Check™ can be tested by arranging two or more equally valued items and corresponding pictures with strategies from the Phase IIIB PECS™ protocol.

Select pictures from the library, or use your own photos!


  • Over 100 Pics for PECS™ images
  • Male and female voice on/off option
  • Customizable library with your own pictures
  • Visual guide to the 4-Step Error Correction Procedure and Correspondence Checks

Tap a picture to hear the word spoken!

Picture Your Learner Communicating.

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