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A variety of consultation services are available to meet the needs of your organisation. Our skilled consultants all have extensive experience implementing PECS and the Pyramid Approach in a variety of environments including: public schools; private schools; homes; group homes; day treatment settings; community; clinics and hospital settings. Our consultants are available to meet with any/all members of the learner’s educational team. Consultation generally focuses on establishing an effective communicative environment and teaching your learners the necessary skills to become a functional communicator. The learner’s PECS level will be assessed and probes for continued training will be conducted during each consult visit. Consultation services are appropriate for learners of any age and/or skill level.

PECS Start-Up™:

The PECS Start-Up™ is perfect for any learner who has not yet begun to use PECS. The program is provided in-home, educational setting or at our Altona North clinic by one of our Pyramid consultants. A basic overview of the Pyramid Approach to Education and the PECS Protocol will set the scene for introducing PECS successfully to the learner. After a reinforcer assessment has been completed, an evaluation of the environment and the learner’s daily routine will assist in identifying and creating communication opportunities. Information regarding teaching strategies and error correction procedures will be provided. Those living and working with the learner will have the opportunity to practice each of the required teaching techniques with the Pyramid consultant prior to using them with the learner.

See our PECS Start-Up™ & PECS Check-Up™ page for further details


PECS Check-Up™:

The PECS Check-Up™ can be completed following a PECS Start-Up or if your learner is using PECS. It is suitable for any learner currently using PECS. Across 2 days, the in-home, educational setting or clinic program is used to review the learner's current PECS and critical communication skills. The Pyramid consultant will provide feedback to assist with the correct implementation of PECS. Those living and working with the learner will have the opportunity to practice teaching strategies and error corrections with the Pyramid consultant prior to using them with the learner.

See our PECS Start-Up™ & PECS Check-Up™ page for further details

Classroom Consultation:

Would you like ongoing assistance in teaching communication skills to your learner? Or would you like assistance in creating and/or fine-tuning an effective educational environment within the classroom setting? Ongoing PECS and/or Pyramid consultation will be extremely beneficial. Arrangements can be made for re-occurring visits based upon the learner’s needs. A variety of options are available ranging from weekly to monthly to yearly visits. Our exceptional staff will work with you to find the perfect option for you and your child/learner.

Pyramid Powered Certified Classrooms:

Pyramid Classroom Certification is an intense and comprehensive service that involves both training and consultation components. All staff will attend the Pyramid Five-Day Training to learn how to establish an effective learning environment. One of our expert consultants will then guide your classroom to implement all components explored during the training dates. Certification is granted once the classroom demonstrates inclusion of all components of the Pyramid.

Community Consultation:

It is imperative that our learners with developmental disabilities learn appropriate skills for independence within the community setting. Our consultants will assess the learner’s current level of functioning during community outings. Recommendations will be provided related to increased independence including issues related to communication, participation and appropriate behaviour.

Distance Consultation:

Do you live in a rural area? Or are you located far from any of our local consultants? No problem! Videos of PECS implementation and/or program activities averaging in length from 30-60 minutes may be submitted to our consultants for review. The consultant will review the video and provide feedback and written recommendations.

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