Coffee Shop Communication Challenge

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AAC Awareness Month - Coffee Shop Communication Challenge

In October 2011 Pyramid Australia participated in AAC Awareness Month by holding the Coffee Shop Communication Challenge.
Thank you to all those who took part - we had some fantastic photos and stories sent in to us!


How would you communicate if you could not talk?
Try using pictures to order your coffee today!

Join us in raising awareness by downloading our pictures to take to your local coffee shop.

An AAC is an Augmentative/Alternative Communication System. For individuals who are unable to speak, they provide a way to get the messgae across. Join us in raising awareness of AAC by participating in our Coffee Shop Communication Challenge.

Send us photos, videos or newspaper articles of your participation in the challenge. You can do this by posting onto our Facebook page, or emailing us

To participate in the Coffe Shop Communication Challenge, please follow these steps:

Step one: download the Coffee Shop Challenge task analysis here
Step two: download all the pictures you will need for this challenge here
Step three: download your communication board, sentence strip and sample sentence here
Step four: take your Coffee Shop Communication Challenge kit to your local coffee shop to start raising awareness of AAC.

You can see a sample of a completed communication board here

Or you can make your own travel mug showing your picture request:

Step one: download the travel mug template here
Step two: download all the pictures you will need for this challenge here
Step three: insert relevant pictures into your template - copy and paste required pictures from picture set downloaded in step two (see sample here)
Step four: order your travel mug from here
Step five: insert your template into your travel mug and start requesting your coffee using pictures!


Don’t forget to send us your photos!

Click here to see Will requesting his dinner using PECS
(thanks to Megan for this great video!)


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